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The planned community of Kingwood, TX, has over 75 miles of trails for residents to get some fresh air as they hike or ride their bicycles. The town hosts many events throughout the year, including a 4th of July parade and an Easter egg hunt for children in Town Center Park.

All Over Exterior Roofing knows that Kingwood homeowners take pride in their homes. That’s why we offer a free roofing inspection to spot early signs of damage before they grow into more serious problems.

Residential Roofing in Kingwood, TX

Roof damage not only looks unsightly, but it can also mean you have hidden water damage. When water leaks through your roof and into your home, mold quickly forms, causing serious health problems as it sparks an infestation inside your walls.

Reroofing for Asphalt Shingle Roofs

If your roof looks in relatively good shape but has small areas of damage to the roofing shingles, reroofing might be the best repair method for you. During the repair, a roofing contractor will also replace any damaged or missing flashing.

Metal Roof Repair

Metal roofs generally need less maintenance than asphalt shingle roofs over time. All Over Exterior Roofing will check for any corrosion or spots of rust. Repainting or treating the damaged areas can help keep your metal roof in good shape for up to 50 years.

Commercial Roofing in Kingwood

Commercial buildings need safe roofs that protect both the building and all occupants from harsh weather. All Over Exterior Roofing provides repair and installation in Kingwood, TX, for both pitched and flat roofs on commercial buildings. Some of the parts examined in an inspection include:

  • Waterproof membrane on flat roofs
  • Flashing attached to any adjacent walls, the chimney, or other areas
  • All roofing layers, including the decking
  • The gutter system and drain pipes

Damage to any of these parts could lead to structural damage. Minor repairs, as needed, can extend the life of your commercial roof.

A commercial roofing inspection also includes a visual inspection from inside the building. It’s a great way for the roofing contractor to spot water damage or other issues, like parts of the roof separating from each other.

The contractor may also visually inspect the roof from a distance. The purpose of a visual inspection is to spot any areas that sag or lean, which could indicate structural damage.

Get a Professional Roof Inspection in Kingwood, Texas

A roof inspection can spot damaged roofing materials, structural damage, and other problems. Without professional repair, small problems can cause expensive structural damage. If your residential or commercial roof is more than 20 years old, take the time to schedule an inspection today.

All Over Exterior Roofing provides a free inspection to find damage in Kingwood, TX, and the nearby communities. If you have damage from a recent storm or if you’ve noticed your shingles curling upward, you could benefit from professional roofing service. Fill out the online form or call 281-846-6665 to schedule service with the team.

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